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Our Delicious Calamari Recipe


 Vegetable oil, for deep-frying
 1 pound clean squid with tentacles, bodies cut into 1/3- to 1/2-inch-thick rings
 2 cups all-purpose flour
 2 tablespoons dried parsley
 Salt and freshly ground black pepper
 2 lemons, cut into wedges
 1 cup simple tomato sauce, recipe follows or jarred marinara sauce, warmed

Clean the calamari and cut the bodies into nice rings and separate and clean tentacles. Mix the milk and lemon juice in a large bowl and let it rest for 5 minutes until it thickens. Add the calamari and soak in the buttermilk for up to 4 hours.  In a bowl, mix the flour, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon black pepper. 

Beat the eggs in another bowl. Fill a heavy large saucepan with 2 cups vegetable oil, and heat over medium heat to 350 degrees F. Mix the flour, parsley, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Then working in small batches, toss the squid rings into the flour mixture to coat. Carefully add the squid and green and yellow zucchini to the oil and fry until crisp and very pale golden, about 2 minute per batch. 

Using tongs or a slotted spoon, transfer the fried calamari to a paper-towel lined plate to drain. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve with the spicy tomato dipping sauce and lemon wedges.
Heat oil in heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, basil, oregano, and crushed red pepper. Cover and cook until onion is translucent. Stir occasionally, about 10 minutes. Simmer gently, uncovered, until sauce thickens and measures 8 cups total. Season sauce to taste with salt and pepper. (Can be prepared 2 days ahead. Cool slightly. Cover and refrigerate.)

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